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# 4 – Whole Musical and Listening Selves – Edmee Nataprawira (November 7th, 2020)

art by Paul Linklater

Please feel free to respond and discuss these thoughts here.

# 3 – Listening and Difference. (July 27th, 2020)

Sound Museum: Instructions for July 27th – August 2nd

For this week let’s explore Kodwo Eshun’s concept of sonic fiction (as referred to in podcast).  Let’s listen but then interact with and transform the sounds around us by re-listening/remixing the recordings we have made (or new ones if you prefer).  Use your intention to find music around you (melodies, rhythms, grooves, or just something you think sounds really great) and then re-listen, re-mix, remake these sounds. You may just add an effect (echo, delay, reverb, distortion, compression) but you may also make edits to the recordings, layer and overlap them, make a form or a groove, add an instrument….whatever you feel comfortable with.  You may already have a Digital Audio Workstation like Garageband, Fruity Loops, or Logic that you can load your sounds into but you can also use https://www.soundtrap.com/. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have questions or need help uploading, editing or posting your work.

# 2 – Why Sound? What might heightened listening offer? (July 20th, 2020)

Sound museum: Instructions for July 20 – 26, 2020

  1. Recall an early significant sound memory.  Describe it, try to see if your description can cover telling us what it is but also what sound it made and how it felt to hear it.  Please share this with us by posting both the sound and description in the discussion forum.  I think our earliest memories are most often connected to pictures we have been shown.  Early sound memories might illuminate something different, something more.
  2. Record 3-4 sounds that you think might be disappearing.  Archive these sounds and describe them.  Please post a playlist and your descriptions for us to hear and read!

If your time allows, please also listen and reply to some of the amazing sounds posted last week as well as those coming this week!  I also want to invite you to use google translate to engage in posts that may not be in your first language.  

I will post new inquiry questions for us to discuss in the forum. 

# 1 – The Listening and Sound Pedagogies of Pauline Oliveros and R. Murray Schafer (July 13th, 2020)

listen to audio by streaming or downloading here

Sound museum: Instructions for July 13 – 19, 2020

Please make the below recordings and post them in the discussion forum.  You can use your phones or whatever else you might have to record. 

  1. Please record a few minutes of a soundscape significant to you. It may be in your home, or at a nearby street corner, park, or river, or wherever
  2. Make short recordings of a few of the “soundmarks” of your daily life.  These are sounds, like landmarks, that indicate or are unique to your neighbourhood/home.

Please post these sounds along with any descriptions or information you would like to share in the discussion forum. 

It might be easiest for you to load these recordings onto a google drive folder or soundcloud and post the links for us….either individually or as a playlist (happy to help with that if anyone needs).  

Please listen to as many other posted sounds as your time will allow.  It would be amazing to have each of us write descriptions of what we are hearing in other’s recordings ….if possible try to describe what you are hearing rather than label what it is making the sound.