Week 1 – Soundscape and Soundmarker

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    Michael Jameer

    Week 1 – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XCK5tRV80y4Xysg4jJS2h69j_8KaPbDc?usp=sharing

    Soundscape – Home, Hard Work and Highway.wav is a snapshot of a recording I took in my backyard on Saturday morning. My home is located close to HWY 400 (one of Canada’s major highways) so there is always a noticeable noise floor outside, but thorough closer listening, you can hear beyond the hum of cars and hopefully identify some of the other sound sources that exist in my backyard and the surrounding area.

    Soundmarker – Opening and Closing.wav is a recording from a doorway in my house that I use regularly throughout the week but rarely open or close fully. I was aware that the door hinges made sound, but was really struck this week by the range of tones that it could produce. The recording captures some of the experimenting I did with the door, opening and closing it at different rates.

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    Martin van de Ven

    I love the Door, it’s always a great sound. I made a collection of screen doors once for a music project in a Brampton cottage community. I still have them some where.

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    That is amazing Martin.

    Makes me want to start my composition course in September with sending them to get door recordings throughout the school!
    Combine, edit, layer, remix

    Then of course you could have door duets. Door and clarinet. Door and marimba. Door and turntables. Door and guitar.

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    Oh wow! That door actually reminds me of the cattle I grew up near! At least the lower moaning sound…definitely sounds like a life form!

    I love that at the very end you close it. This is already like a remix…you are not only playing the door as an instrument but also recording it in a way that brings out certain sounds and leaves others out. Just amazing!

    When I read your description I expected to hear the highway much louder…did you filter the recording at all? It almost sounds like a flowing river…calming.

    I often walk by the Humber River where there are these little man made water falls. I can’t imagine a recording there would sound that different. Maybe not as much low end? I want to go record there and compare them.

    Thank you for sharing these Michael!

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    Conor George

    Very interesting door soundscape. I agree – an intriguing range of tones and timbres!

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    Michael Jameer

    @Soundmaker No I did not filter the audio, I there is partly a result of built in low end roll off from the smartphone microphone that I used to record it.

    I like the comparison to a flowing river. Its constant hum makes it fade into the background, in fact, the only time it really grabs my attention on a normal day is when there is an engine roar from a wannabe racecar surging past.

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    Joselaine Araújo

    Achei incrível alguns sons pontuais, além do som permanente da rodovia congui ouvir muitos pássaros cantando. O som mexe com nossa imaginação e com o áudio poderia afirmar que seria um apartamento de alto andar, jamais imaginaria algo como quintal. Muito Bom!

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